Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bugged dreams

I have been having these bugged out dreams. Or at least, now I'm remembering them.

The other day, I dreamt I was naked and walking around NYC at night. People pretty much ignored me and I just kept going and didn't look at anyone.

I made it to the place where I grew up. I was in my room with my sheets with the bears on them. I still have some of those sheets.

About that place where I grew up: it's a loft building in downtown Manhattan. It used to be a shitty neighborhood. A month ago, I was invited to a gallery opening next door to there. The people running the gallery would not let very many people in, so I was stuck on the sidewalk (in pain, as usual) looking at the block.

A lot of the other people trying to get in were younger than me, and dressed a bit like my friends used to dress when I moved out of there in the late 80s. They had track bikes, which were trendy in the late 80s though not exactly as they are now.

So there I am, in my own history, with a bunch of reenactors of that history, and we're all rejected.

Which is more like a dream?

At the end of the dream, I went to use my parents' phone, a black wall-mounted rotary phone. It was dead.