Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Now then


Just started reading Gibson's Idoru. Can I take 500 pages of this crappy noir style? A Dogma 93 needs to be applied to him, Stross, Stephenson. No foreigners or foreign countries allowed.

I have not yet left the house today. Did nothing - a theme to which I shall return.

That's not entirely true. I met my very talkative neighbor. Finally, after 8 months as strangers, in two hours I know her whole fucking life story. She used to be on the US national fencing team. The guy from Slapshot is now a reverend, He officiated her friend's wedding, and was then caught getting a blowjob in the bathroom from the bride's brother's date.

That's enough. Already one person in this world can tell who is writing this, though I don't picture her as the type to be doing such research. A little too into life.

Not like me. Have I mentioned not leaving the house yet today?

When she burst in on me I was trolling the web trying to figure out how to smear the name of a former colleague. He came in just as I was leaving a shitty job. Turned out he had lied about his abilities as a Unix systems administrator, but had seriously undersold himself as a brown noser.

Shit, I have aches and pains. About not leaving the house - can't really walk. That's part of the reason. More on that later.